<i>Lloyd</i> <i>Spencer</i> <i>Davis</i> <i> — </i> <i>filmmaking</i>
<i>Lloyd</i> <i>Spencer</i> <i>Davis</i> <i> — </i> <i>filmmaking</i>
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Lloyd Spencer Davis filmmaking


Lloyd Spencer Davis, through Adelie Productions and Nature's Voices, has been involved with making natural history and wildlife documentaries for four decades, which have screened on television in over 100 countries and been selected for a variety of film festivals, earning him 13 international awards to date for his filmmaking.

Sure enough, one of his most successful films is about penguins.
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Special Prize of the Jury, 1st International Science Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary
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Abu Prize for Best Documentary at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Hong Kong
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Prix Special du Jury at the Festival de L'Oiseau, Abbeville, France

Featured Film: The Guardian of Kinabalu

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Special Jury Prize, Kuala Lumpur Environmental Film Festival
This film not only showcases the extreme beauty and diversity of the natural world of Mount Kinabalu – the most biologically diverse place on Earth – but is also the story of Alim Biun, a man with a direct line to the spiritual world and a desire to protect Mount Kinabalu in order to keep the spirits happy. Co-produced and co-directed with Wiebke Finkler.

The Guardian of Kinabalu Trailer

Watch the trailer for the award-winning film, The Guardian of Kinabalu:
To watch the full film and find out more of LSD's filmography, go to Adelie Productions.

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