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LSD at Darwin House when doing research for Looking for Darwin. Photographed by A Wroot

Looking for Darwin

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CLL Writers Award for Nonfiction
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Runner Up Award in the Whitcoulls Travcom New Zealand Travel Book of the Year Award

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Looking for Darwin is a search for meaning in a world that pits evolution against creationism, Intelligent Design of an all-seeing God versus the blind hand of Natural Selection.

On one level, it is primarily a science story, an unravelling of Darwin and Darwinism. On another, it is in part a personal memoir, an account of Lloyd Spencer Davis’ journey to find the truth about God, Evolution, Intelligent Design and the meaning of life. It is also a travelogue, documenting the places and people, the reverent and the irreverent things that happen to LSD on that journey.

Published by Longacre Press, Dunedin in 2007. More information can be obtained from the website:


...the book is one of the most entertaining non-fiction titles I’ve read in a long while...I see him as a cross between Bill Bryson and David Attenborough.
Beattie’s Book Blog

...relax and enjoy the read which I describe as “Bill Brysonesque” in style.
Waikato Times

Davis writes like Bill Bryson. A very rare gift. This book is superb.
Chapters & Verses

This book...will appeal to readers in different ways. It is probably not a book for the devoutly religious or politically correct, but it is otherwise a rattling good story.

...this volume stands out as a brilliant angle on Darwin...writing with a vigour and irreverence surely unique in popular science.
Otago Daily Times