The Plight of the Penguin

The Plight of the Penguin

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An Adelie penguin flying as best it can. Photographed by LSD

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New Zealand Children's Book of the Year Award
The New Zealand Children's Book of the Year for 2002, this is a book as notable for its colourful language as for its many colourful photographs. Aimed at teenagers and above, the book has been praised for the way LSD makes science engaging and fun – sexy, even.

Each chapter begins with relevant lines from well known rock songs. There are cartoons. There are coloured boxes containing eclectic stories. This is not another boring science book.
This book is excellent, everything it should be: a scampering read, fast and funny; excellent natural history, observed first hand; and all underpinned by the deep ideas of modern biology
Colin Tudge

This book inspires learning, celebrates knowledge and celebrates the author’s wide-ranging, rich knowledge and love of his subject…it reads so well…you can open it at any page and hear the author’s wit and whimsy

Lloyd Spencer Davis – he’s not only a world authority on penguins, he’s also a dab hand with the pen. He’s funny and entertaining, scientific and informative all at once
Daily News

The Plight of the Penguin puts science first but expresses the natural history of penguins with wit
NZ Herald

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